Foam Insulation Pays Dividends

Utility bills consistently increase for most homeowners.   Heating and cooling typically comprise approximately 70% a monthly energy bill.   With price drops in LED lighting homes can reduce their lighting bills by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs that consume between 75 and 80% less energy and are typically rated for 80,000 hours.


Aside from upgrading your light bulbs, increasing or adding insulation to existing buildings allows reduction in both heating and cooling expense. 

Many homes have either no insulation, a blown in paper based insulation that can settle overtime or fiberglass, which is the most common.


open cell foam insulation

Did you know that fiberglass insulation was first developed in the 1932. Originally called glass wool, this was the first mass produced and used insulation product.  Fiberglass insulation does not stop drafts, but rather slows air flow.  

Wall cavities can be retrofitted with injected foam insulation (Open cell foam), that fills the wall cavity and provides an R-Value of 6 per 1" of cavity.  Existing walls can be injected with foam proving on average up to to an R-Value of 17.


open cell foam insulation


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