Soil and Groundwater Sampling & Laboratory Services

Soil, water and groundwater sampling is performed to determine the presence of suspect contamination.  Samples are acquired and analyzed by certified laboratory testing methods.  Soil and groundwater sampling is typically preformed to evaluate if suspect contaminants are present.  Laboratory results can be reviewed and compared to applicable State standards to determine if hazards levels are present.

Curren Environmental, Inc. (Curren) provides a complete range of field sampling services.  Soil and water samplingWe maintain an assortment of samplers that meet US EPA and state protocols.

Our field personnel are trained for the collection of composite and grab samples based on site specific requirements.  Curren’s portable field meters allow for accurate on-site analysis of water quality parameters.

A primary benefit to our customers is the utilization of an unbiased, qualified third party to obtain necessary samples for reporting purposes.  Curren can provide a turnkey operation from laboratory bottle pickup, sample collection and sample delivery to the specific laboratory.

Soil & Groundwater Sampling Services

  • Well sampling, potable and monitoring well sampling
  • Investigation soil sampling
  • Clean Fill Sampling
  • Phase II Investigation Sampling
  • Stormwater Sampling
  • Sludge Sampling
  • Sediment Sampling

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