Pennsylvania Act 2

Land Recycling Program

In Pennsylvania Brownfield Redevelopment is a joint program that includes the Land Recycling Program and the Brownfield Redevelopment Program.  In short the Land Recycling and Brownfields Program allows the redevelopment of abandoned, idle properties into new land uses, which transforms the economic development value of the properties. 

Pennsylvania Act 2 Land Recycling Program

Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program (aka, Voluntary Cleanup Program)

Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program more commonly referred to as Act 2, allows the voluntary cleanup and reuse of contaminated industrial and commercial properties.   The Land Recycling Program is based on a handful of principals that allow contaminated properties to be reused for new development purposes.  The four main principals of the ACT program are as follows: 

  1. Uniform environmental cleanup standards (Statewide Health Standards),
  2. Liability relief for owners and developers,
  3. Standardized reviews and time frame limits,
  4. Financial assistance.

The ACT 2 Land Recycling Program affords a developer of a contaminated site (brownfield) to choose any one or combination of cleanup standards that the remediation process can follow.  This a dynamic approach that affords a greater degree of flexibility on site redevelopment. The developer by achieving either a specific or a combination of either 1.  background standard, 2. the statewide health standard or 3. the site-specific standard, the property owner can receive a relief of liability for the property.  One of the keys to the release of liability is the Pennsylvania uniform Environmental Covenants Act.

 environmental remediation on a residential property

Uniform Environmental Covenants Act

In Pennsylvania on December 18, 2007, Act 68, the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (UECA), was signed into law.  The Act provides a standardized process for creating, documenting and ensuring the enforceability of site activity and property use limitations on contaminated (brownfield) sites. Environmental covenants under Act 68 are required whenever an engineering or institutional controls are used is used to obtain an Act 2 remediation standard.  The DEP will establish and maintain a "Pennsylvania Environmental Covenant Registry" which will list the site location (i.e., street address, municipality, county) including electronic copies of the site applicable environmental covenant, notice of environmental covenant or waiver.


Pennsylvania Act 2 Land Recycling Program

To increase the user friendliness of the Act 2 program, the DEP allows a contaminated site Final Report Summary (FRS) form to be submitted in an electronic format.

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