Environmental Claims Management

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Our project managers have the unique experience perspective of being involved in both the consulting and contracting areas of the environmental field. By working on both sides of the proverbial fence our team members have the experience to review contractor and supplier invoices for consistency with applicable contracts and usual and customary charges.

Our budget monitoring- services are tailored for longer-term projects, and include a regular review of up-to-date project expenses with comparisons of project completion vs. budget expenditure. Close budget monitoring allows the flagging of potential budget issues before they happen, helping reduce financial surprises.

Project Forecasting

Experience allows us to take a long term "What If" approach to each claim. This "project forecasting" occurs throughout the duration of the project to help manage unknowns and allows us to shed light onto so called unforeseen factors that can both delay a project as well as increase the project cost. Our evaluation starts with face to face meetings with the insured/property owner to help manage their expectations of the project and to assist the carrier with any issues that we feel might arise from the insured. These meetings can lead to thorough structural assessment of the dwelling and obtaining past home inspection reports which helps to provide a current snap shot of the condition of the property and structure. Thorough photo and video documentation of the property and work area are recorded to document the condition of the property. A physical evaluation of the foundation, by excavating a section of the foundation of the dwelling can be performed by a structural engineer to confirm the depth and construction of foundations, which avoids changes in structural supports planning and helps control costs by avoiding surprises

We offer the ability to continue to evaluate the progress of the remedial excavation on a day to day or weekly basis taking into account newly exposed utilities and ensuring that practical controls are in place to prevent rain runoff from entering the work area and to avoid other weather related conditions that could adversely affect the progress of the project.

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