How much does a mold inspection cost?


Mold inspection cost

Mold surveys on average can cost $300.00 to $700.00 for a residential dwelling. Mold inspection cost is contingent on size of the dwelling and if mold sampling is performed. Commercial more inspections can average $600.00 or more due to the larger size of a commercial building relative to a residence.

Mold sampling is completed to verify that a stained surface is mold or mold air sampling is performed to assess for hidden mold or general air quality.

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Mold only grows when spores land on a moist surface. Dry areas will not have mold growth.  The best way to prevent mold in your home is dehumidify basements and crawlspaces, mage humidity in attics, repair leaks in your roof, plumbing or HVAC system and make sure your kitchen and bathroom are properly venting moisture out of the house.

Mold damages the building material or surface it is growing on and mold can aggravate allergies or asthma.


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When do you inspect for mold? 

When water occurs either plumbing or weather related water damage can lead to mold growth.

 Any place that got wet and was not quickly dried (within 48 hours) can allow mold to grow.  Mold inspections are performed when purchasing a home.  There is no way to know what kind of water damage may have happened in the house you are planning to buy or what water dame the owner is hiding. The only way to find out if mold is present is to do a mold inspection. 

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Mold inspections are performed after a house has been unoccupied. If a house has been closed up and vacant (bank owned) humidity could have built up inside and caused mold to grow.   bank owned properties both before and after restoration (house flipping means do a mold inspection)

Mold inspections are performed when unexplained discoloration or staining is present on a building surface such as walls ceiling or items in the room. a driver for performing a mold inspection.

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The photo above shows mold growth on a walk out basement sofa that developed when the occupants came back from vacation.  Curren found water issues and mold concealed in the newly finished space.  The spores inside the walls eventually landed on the furniture and the high humidity in the room fueled the mold growth.  Ultimately the walls were removed, carpet and furniture trashed. 


If you suspect mold, smell musty odors, are getting sick, a mold inspection with air sampling is smart step.


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