Oil Tank Removal


Tank Abandonment


In the Northeastern United States oil heat has the longest history of being a heat source for homes and busineses.  Historically, home heating oil has been stored in metal Underground Storage Tanks, USTs. In response to both State and Federal environmental requirements the removal of single wall steel oil tanks has become a growing trend in order to remove the environmental liabilities associated with Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, (LUSTs).  A steel tank has a finite life expectance and it has been estimated that over 60% of in use oil tanks have exceeded their expected life span are at risk of leaking. 

Buried oil tanks raise a variety of environmental, safety, legal and economic concerns for home owners and home buyers. The largest concerns relating to environmental issues are heating oil leaks that cause soil or groundwater contamination. Economic issues consist of the cost and risks associated with testing, tank removal and site cleanup. 

Two things many people don't know abour oil tanks are:

  1. Tanks have a life span similar to roof. Meaning replace a roof replace a tank.
  2. Most tanks don't leak, but non leaking tanks are boring conversation.
  3. States allows a permissable amount of oil to remain in the ground, learn more about tanks by clicking the following link:

 Oil Tank Removal Overview