Foam Filling of Underground Propane Tanks

Out of service buried propane tanks raise a number of liability issues both to the owner and buyers of properties who have these tanks.  Buried propane tanks, due to their construction, are much longer than the same size oil tanks.  This can create much larger surface disturbance by removing propane tanks as opposed to an oil tank due to the size of the propane tank. 


Propane tank decommissioning


Foam filling propane tanks provides both a low impact and cost-effective method for the closure of UST’s. The equipment and labor that is required for total tank excavation is avoided and the disruption to the landscaping is minimized.

 propane tank closure in place


Curren’s foam filling operations includes an enclosed process facility that houses the mixtures for foamed application equipment.

Propane tank closure


This allows the ability of the trained technician to connect directly to the enclosed trailer and run the specialized foam application sprayers and hoses to the destination point of the tank.  No heavy equipment will cross over grass or landscaped areas allowing a minimal footprint of impact to the site grounds.


propane tank closure in place


For longer distances, Curren can supply site-specific lengths and pumps at an additional charge.   


Foam Filling the Propane Tank


Curren will inject an inert foam material into the tank.   As a reference, a 1000-gallon UST will accept approximately 5 cubic yards of foam and a 500-gallon UST approximately 2.5 cubic yards.    Curren will allow foam to settle in the tank after filling to top off each tank with foam to account for any compression of the foam.  Bung openings on grade will be left in place to allow for inspection by municipal personnel.  Fill ports will be left visible above ground (grade). 


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propane tank removal