How much does a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment cost?


How much does a Phase I ESA cost?  The average cost for a Phase I ESA is $2,100.00 to $4,000.00.  $2,1000.00 for a Phase I is a smaller simpler site, a $4,000.00 Phase I is an industrial site with a history of issues that will need to be evaluated. The larger and more complex a site is the more time required and thus more expensive. 


Phase I cost


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How long a Phase I takes is also contingent on the specific site.  A simpler site with no prior contamination can take 3 weeks on average.  Sites where environmental work was performed and there are old environmental reports to be obtained from State agencies can take 6 weeks.  The longer time frame to complete a Phase I correlates to obtaining reports that maybe in agencies storage that must be obtained, this can take up to 4 weeks.


Like anything quality, the more expensive you generally receive higher quality.  The more expensive a Phase I usually reflects the experience of professional performing the Phase I.   The cost of a Phase I is tied to the firm performing the Phase I.  Firms with more experienced environmental professionals will typically have that experience reflected in the Phase I cost.   Think about a doctor do you want a doctor with two years experience of 10 years of experience?   Like any profession, the more experience the professional has the higher the quality of service.


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Why perform a Phase I?  A Phase I protects a bank that requires one to be completed, the Phase I ensures the borrower does not become financially burdened by environmental cleanup and defaults on the mortgage.   A Phase I protects the buyer by preventing the purchaser from buying a property with contamination that is now the responsibility of the new owner.  A Phase I also protects a buyer who pays cash, because when the property is sold old environmental issues may surface that the owner didn't realize existed.  An owner of a property you may not want a Phase I performed, but a buyer will have a Phase I completed.

It is estimated that 70& of Phase I ESA lead to a Phase II.  

 Phase I ESA cost