How much does a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment cost?


How much does a Phase I ESA cost?  The average cost for a Phase I ESA is $2,100.00 to $4,000.00.  $2,1000.00 for a Phase I is a smaller simpler site, a $4,000.00 Phase I is an industrial site with a history of issues that will need to be evaluated. The larger and more complex a site is the more time required and thus more expensive. 


Phase I cost


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How long does a Phase I take to complete?


How long a Phase I takes is contingent on the specific site. 

A simpler site with no prior contamination can take 3 weeks on average. 


Sites where environmental work was performed and there are old environmental reports to be obtained from State agencies take longer as older records are not electronic and it can take weeks to have those files pulled from archives for review, so budget 4 to 6 weeks.  


Is there a quality difference when have a phase I performed?

Like anything quality, the more expensive a product is you generally receive higher quality.  The more expensive a Phase I usually reflects the experience of the professional performing the Phase I.  An environmental professional with 20 years of experience is billed at a higher rate than one with 7 years experience. 

The cost of a Phase I is tied to the firm performing the Phase I.  Firms with more experienced environmental professionals will typically have that experience reflected in the Phase I cost.   Think about a doctor do you want a doctor with two years experience of 10 years of experience?   Like any profession, the more experience the professional has the higher the quality of service. 


What protocol is followed when performing a Phase I?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is prepared following  ASTM E1527-21, this method has changed over the years and the last two numbers (21) signify the last year it was updated.


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Why perform a Phase I? 

A Phase I protects a bank that requires one to be completed, the Phase I ensures the borrower does not become financially burdened by environmental cleanup and defaults on the mortgage.  

A Phase I also protects the buyer by preventing the purchaser from buying a property with contamination that is now the responsibility of the new owner.  A Phase I also protects a buyer who pays cash, because when the property is sold old environmental issues may surface that the owner didn't realize existed.  


Do you always need to do a Phase II?

It is estimated that 70% of Phase I ESA lead to a Phase II, which is the testing phase.


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Pro Tip


Many firms discount the Phase I to get their foot in the door on a property, with the hope that a Phase II is needed which is where they will make up for loss leader of a discounted Phase I.    At Curren Environmental we are a boutique firm, because we consult but also own geophysical, drilling and excavation equipment, all the things you need to perform a Phase II & III and to do it cheaper than the firm that have to subcontract these services.


 Phase I ESA cost


Phase I ESA cost

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