How long does it take to remove an oil tank?

A tank removal is a multiple step process that begins with an authorization to perform the work and ends with project documentation supplied to the client post removal (i.e., the Tank Closure Report).   So from hiring a firm, getting permits, actual removal of the tank, soil sample analysis and a report you can be looking at a 3 to 6 week process.

 residential oil tank removal

Step 1 Contract Acceptance & Project Manager Assignment1 day

Upon receipt of written authorization (signed contract) and retainer, Curren will begin the process.


Within a day you will be contacted by your assigned project manager who will be you point of contact who will be drafting a report of the work when everything is completed.

 tank removal require local municipal permit

Step 2 Local Permitting 1 to 2 days for submission

Within 24 hours (business day) Curren will complete and submit the permit via US Mail to the municipal construction office.  Curren keeps copies of fire, building and plumbing permits at our office; the client at their discretion can pick up the permit at our office and hand deliver the permit, if they feel they can expedite the process. Municipalities legally have up to 20 business days to review and approve a permit; in actuality, most approve the permit within 2 week.


Step 3 Utility Markout 4 days:  By law a markout must be obtained. Takes three business days.  Public utility markouts do not include the private portions of service lines, which are the owner's responsibility to maintain.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to identify all underground utilities prior to commencement of work.

tank removal requires a utility markout


Step 4  Local Permit Approval & Scheduling few days to 2 weeks


Once the township reviews and approves the permit to remove the tank, Curren will pay and obtain a permit number which we use for scheduling inspection. Not every municipality inspects everyday, which is taken into consideration.  


tank removal construction approval

We try and prioritize sites that have deadlines i.e., a real estate transaction is involved.   We know the 50 year old tank has to get removed fast.   We try to schedule all work within 2 weeks of permit approval, weather permitting.


Step 5 Physical Tank Removal:  1 day

90% of tank removal project entail 1 day of work on the subject site.

 how long does it take to remove an oil tank?

Laboratory Analysis 5 to 7 business days


Samples collected at time of removal are typically picked up by the laboratory on the next business day.  Analysis takes 5 to 7 business days to complete.

 professional tank removal

Step 7  Final Report  Within a few days of lab data:

The Tank closure report is typically provided within a week of receipt of laboratory analysis review.  Verbal discussion of results is normally performed with the client upon receipt of lab data by Curren.