Lead Paint Inspections

aka Lead Based Paint Inspections.


A lead paint inspection is a surface-by-surface investigation to determine whether there is lead-based paint in a home or child-occupied facility, and where it is located. Inspections can be legally performed only by certified inspectors or risk assessors.

Lead-based paint inspections determine the presence of lead-based paint. It is particularly helpful in determining whether lead-based paint is present prior to purchasing, renting, or renovating a home, and identifying potential sources of lead exposure at any time.

Each surface is tested for lead utilizing XRF, a typical home will have several hundred tests completed during a lead paint inspection.  

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Lead paint was ubiquitous. Lead when added to paint made it dry fast, made it moisture resistant and yes the paint wore like metal so it was durable.   If your building was constructed in the below years you can see on average the likelihood that your property has lead paint.


Residential Lead Paint Inspections

The fastest and most efficient way to assess a building for lead paint is to evaluate painted surfaces using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). 


In the photo below we find an example of flaking paint,  Is it lead?  A lead paint inspection will answer that question as well as where else lead is or is not present.


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X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis is a proven technology used to detect and quantify the amount of lead present in old paint.   In short, an XRF unit provides accurate onsite testing for lead.  You get results in seconds.  You set the unit on a flat surface and engage the trigger; the lead content is displayed on the unit's screen and the unit will record the reading for future reporting. 

XRF Lead Paint Inspections


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XRF units are operated by EPA-certified lead paint inspectors.  Lead paint inspectors have the training to calibrate, operate and interpret data obtained from the units.  


The advantage of XRF inspections is that this method is non-destructive (no need to remove and collect samples) and the analyzer can detect lead-based paint even when it’s buried underneath multiple layers of paint.


Can XRF Lead Paint Inspections lead to designating a building Lead-Free or Lead Safe? 

Yes, a lead paint inspection tests all surfaces you will know if lead is present or not.  A typical inspection entails collecting hundreds of lead paint tests or reading, expect the lead paint inspection will take hours.  Simple put you test everything, if we find np lead we can certify the building as lead free.


All Curren LBP (Lead-Based Paint) testing is conducted by experienced and state and EPA-certified lead inspectors, this is of course required by law.  When we perform a Lead Paint Inspection our job is to inspect all surfaces for lead content, depending on the area tested, you could obtain dozens or hundreds of readings.   Entire sites testing throughout and no lead is found can receive a lead-free certification.   Obviously, if lead is found on some surfaces you cannot obtain lead-free.  

Why should you test for Lead Based paint?

Lead is a known environmental hazard and the first step in any hazard assessment is knowing if the hazard is present and the condition of the hazard.  You perform a Lead Paint Inspection to determine if Lead is present.  

Residential Lead Paint Inspection

Let's say you are going to renovate a building, you want to know if lead paint is present on surfaces that will be disturbed, for the safety of occupants and the worker performing the renovation.  

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Lead Paint Inspection Pro Tip.

You may have a large building, with many rooms and many surfaces that would require hundreds of tests.  If you are not disturbing all rooms, you can limit the testing to areas you will be disturbing, these abridged lead paint inspections are faster and cost less.

Who Should Have a Lead Inspection Performed? 

Lead Paint is found on windows and doorsRental Property Owners:

Regulations exist for landlords pertaining to Lead Paint Assessments and Lead Paint Management.   A property owner may seek an exemption from the State of New Jersey Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act by certifying the rental units as Lead-free.  Landlords may also be requested to provide Lead Inspection reports to insurance and mortgage companies.

If you are a landlord in NJ and have a unit built before 1978, well you are subject to NJ Lead Safe law and have to have inspections performed.  More about NJ Lead Safe Law can be found at the following link.

NJ Lead Safe Regulation

Homeowners.  You own a home with Charm, meaning built before 1978, so Lead could be present, knowing if Lead is present is the first step in determining how you will manage the Lead or even if you have to manage it (if no lead is present).

Home Buyers.  Buying a home and you get a slew of inspections (Inspections before purchase are called Due Diligence), Lead Based paint Inspections are specialty inspections like tank sweeps  (Tank Sweeps)  that are considering purchasing a property – specifically if the property was built prior to 1978.


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