AST Cleaning & Removal

Aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), don't last for ever and need to be replaced or cleaned.   Curren has completed thousands of tank cleaning and removal projects.  All personnel are trained in American Petroleum Institute (API) STD 2015  Requirements for Safe Entry and Cleaning of Petroleum Storage Tanks.   Curren follows OSHA and API standards for tank cleaning so clients are assured the project is completed safely and professionally.

AST cleaning & closure


Different tanks require different approaches to tank entry which is required to clean the tank.   The tanks above have manways that can be accessed for entry, generally speaking tanks with capacities above 5000 gallons have manways.


Field constructed tanks, meaning tanks that were built on site can have non typical shapes, not all tanks are cylinders.  The rectangular tank below is one such tank




Tanks can be cylinders, rectangles and round.




There are of course your typical AST's that store heating oil that have exceeded their useful like expectancy and should be replaced.


Above ground oil tank removal




Bottom line: Curren has the experience to manage your AST project.  Call today and speak to a professional  888-301-1050.

heating oil tank cleaning