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Curren Environmental thanks you for the opportunity to service your environmental needs. We have over 20 years of experience, and you can be assured that all work is performed by company personnel. We strive for smooth project execution; our office is staffed Monday through Friday to answer your questions.

Remediation September 2017

First of all, I would like to say that if ever I run into the same problem again with an oil tank issue, Curren Environmental is the only company I can trust. I initially dealt with another company which was oil tank services, they removed my oil tank and without testing or anything, the guy is already predicting that the soil is contaminated but thats another story. Anyways, I asked for a second opinion, and I called Curren Environmental and I first spoke with Linda which was so pleasant and just so accommodating. She scheduled me to speak with Pat who gave me direction and gave me the options. He initially wanted me to go the least expensive route but because the first oil tank company did not do it right and just being on the safe side, I chose to go with the remediation since I did not want to have anymore issues. Gina was the one that handled my case and supervised everything and was so professional and always there when I had questions.


This company does not just take your money for the business. This company will do the right thing and the right way all the time . I am hoping I won't have to deal with an oil tank issue again but I am sharing this for people that will go thru the same thing that I did. Please, do not let other company fool you. Curren Environmental far exceeded my expectations. Indefinitely give them an A+ and more.

Will, Homeowner


Tank Removal & Remediation  August 2017

First off I wanted to thank you for the fine remediation project your firm has done on my property. Phil and his crew did an outstanding job on the project and I can not speak more highly of the team. Phil and his teams professionalism in every step of the process was above and beyond expectations from start to finish.        

I wanted to share my experience with Curren Environmental.  

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Best regards,

Steve Drazen 


NJDEP No Further Action (NFA)  July 2017

Hey Patrick, we received the NFA letter!  Thanks for your diligence and dedication.  You are an asset to Curren!  We are thankful to all of you - Linda and office staff, Adam, Phil and all of the guys who worked so hard at the house. I'm sure I am forgetting someone, but you are all appreciated!  Please forward our commendations to your supervisor.  We can't say enough about Curren Environmental, and will continue to refer your company with positive feedback.  Thank you again for the great service!  Christine

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I highly recommend Curren Environmental, Inc. to everyone we know who needs any of the services you provide. Even if another's price is lower I would still use you - there is no comparison in my eyes and in my younger years I worked for a heating & air conditioning company who also delivered fuel oil and removed tanks....Albert A. 

Your workers wee very conscientious.  They managed  to save the tree and even the tulips!...Shawn S.

Thank you so much for all your help with our remediation problem. Everyone was polite and professional.  A job well done. Many thanks...Al and Staci C.


Oil Tank Removal

Just this week, my father's house in Philadelphia needed the oil tank removed, and the leaking oil cleaned up.  Since I have to manage this house from 3,000 miles away, I called several companies in the greater Philadelphia area to do it.  Curren Environmental were very responsive and professional.  Every other company was scheduled at least 2 weeks out.  David and Linda at Curren were really great.  David took the time to explain various options and scenarios, based on the very limited information I could give him about the tank.   They also cleared their schedule right away to do the job.  I really appreciated their time, patience and professionalism, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing that type of service...Vicky

Thank you to everyone involved.  Great Customer Service!...Terry

 Above ground Tank Removal.jpg

Hello Realtors,

I'm writing you because I have interacted with you surrounding the sale of
my home in Haddon Heights. I want to draw your attention to Curren
Environmental, and the great work that they did to help make my home sale

Just three weeks before our planned settlement date, an underground oil tank
was discovered on our property. Needless to say, this was a crisis for both
the buyers and myself. I obtained quotes from three qualified environmental
companies to deal with it. Curren was not one of them. Some of the companies
could not guarantee that they would be able to get the tank out before
settlement. There was one company that thought they could, but soon after we
signed a contract with them, it was clear they could not meet that deadline.
They mailed in the permit application, which cost us three business days and
a weekend (instead of giving me the application to hand-deliver right away).
Then, once I received the permit, with 11 days remaining until settlement,
they were not going to be able to schedule the removal in time. This could
have killed our home sale, and certainly led to a high risk of delaying it.
I will not tell you what company that was because this email is not intended
to speak against that company, but rather give honor to the work of Curren.

While waiting for the permit application, Curren Environmental was
recommended to me. Given my time crunch, I called Dave Sulock, the manager
at Curren and a local resident. From the beginning, he understood the
time-sensitive nature of the situation. He took control and resolved the
crisis. He helped me navigate the Boro zoning and construction office, and
was able to schedule the removal within a week, not only getting the permit
right away, but arranging for a seamless change of contractor approval. He
explained to me the findings they expected, and best and worst case
scenarios, and guided me through making the best decision for myself, the
buyers, and the pending deal. He was also clear and up-front on the cost
(which was not going to be cheap, given the size of the tank, the amount of
soil that had to be removed, and the testing that had to be done).

His team removed the tank with four days until settlement and with minimal
effects on the property. They were able to take preliminary measurements on
site to help us know what to do with regard to further remediation, and they
spoke with the buyers to help them understand the issues. We knew that we
would not be able to completely resolve the tank issue prior to settlement
(there was still contaminated soil stored on the property for a few days).
However, because of the hard work of Dave and his team, my home settlement
was completed on time with no hitches.

After settlement, Curren has continued to communicate clearly as to the
progress of the project, has completed all their work in a timely manner,
and has helped me to communicate with the state to get them to act promptly.

I realize that I am unlikely to require environmental services often.
However, I'm sure you routinely encounter these issues, since you facilitate
transactions in Haddon Heights and local towns. When you are faced with an
environmental issue, I suggest you recommend Curren Environmental to your
clients. As in my case, it may even save the transaction.


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