Residential Mosquito Control Service

If mosquitoes are driving you indoors, you need to try a mosquito control service. Mosquitoes are a natural but unwanted warm weather yard dweller. We can remediate mosquitoes from your yard, with or safe and effective mosquito control service.

Control the bite with Curren's Mosquito Control & Remediation. 

mosquito control service for your yard

We treat commercial & residential sites so mosquitoes don't bite.

Mosquito control services will help manage and control the mosquito population in your yard.    The mosquito control process follows three steps.


Step 1    Mosquito Prevention:

Our professional technicians will inspect your property with a trained eye during every treatment and notify you of areas where mosquitoes maybe breeding

mosquitoes lay eggs in stgnant water

Step 2 Mosquito Management:

You have mosquitoes, that's why you called Curren. We will treat mosquito habitats around your yard with kid and pet safe EPA approved compounds utilizing our precision equipment and knowledge of mosquito habitats target adult mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and mosquito eggs that lead to adult mosquitoes.  In short we break the life cycle of mosquitoes on your property, this process will remove mosquitoes from your yard.

Mosquito Control service NJ


 Call now. 


Step 3 Long Term Control: 

On the day of treatment you will realize an immediate drop in the mosquitoes population.  But long term protection is where we Excel.  

Our service use a process that can treat an area for up to 21 days.


mosquito yard control


backyard parties without mosquitoes

You want this in your yard. Not Mosquitoes!


The fact is mosquitoes can fly into your yard from a neighbor and we don't like that so we have to ensure Curren maintains your yard.  


Commercial Mosquito Service

For outdoor spaces at commercial sites we can eliminate mosquitoes and boost business. We can treat outdoor patios and decks at restaurants, bars, pools, clubs,  outdoor stages,  in short if people relax outside we can treat it.


mosquito control for pools

        We treat  pools both residential & commercial.


mosquito control for backyard parties-1

 We spay yards for special events and parties.

 mosquito free parties-1

Invite us to your  party not the mosquitoes.

stop mosquito bites