Mosquito Control  Misting & Fogging

Mosquito control has been proven to be effective when you treat mosquitoes in their habitat.  Targeting the life cycle of mosquitos can allow reduction of the mosquito population on any given property.   

Fact 1 1/2" of rain can last 1 week.  1 week is how long it takes for mosquitoes to advance into adulthood.

Outdoor residential misting systems (sometimes called "mosquito misters") are permanent application systems designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other insects outdoors.  These system have a high upfront cost and require refilling and maintenances of chemicals that are part of the mist.   Like a sprinkler system, parts break, nozzles clog, and systems need to be winterized to prevent freezing.   This all translates to annual maintenance costs in addition to the fixed cost of installing the system, which can be in the thousands of dollars.

Mosquito Mist Backyard

The downside of the misting systems are that users can apply chemicals at any given moment which is not an effective strategy.  People spray when they are getting bitten by mosquitoes, but the mist typically gets applied to property boundaries, which the mosquitoes have already passed if you are getting bitten. 

Mosquito Control  Misting & Fogging

Scheduled mosquito fogging or misting is more commonly utilized by services that perform site treatments to your property.  Site specific means targeting the application to mosquito habitats, landing zones and resting areas.  Think cool shaded areas during the days, as your typical mosquito would dehydrate in direct sunlight in the heat of the day.  Yards can also change, landscaping gets added or removed, people hardscape, a changing landscape means you have to change your mosquito control approach, this is not possible without addition hard costs of extending and modifying permanent misting systems. 

The real advantage of a service is you are able to more fluidly target a property.  Not every property is the same and fixed misting system cannot treat an entire property effectively.  If your system turns on during a rain event or wind, the mist may not hit the intended treatment surface.  Hey if robot lawn mowers were up to speed, every property would use one, unfortunately the technology is not up to the task especially when mosquitos are involved.


Your yard can change throughout the season.  Shrubs are fuller and denser in summer, which may require a more focused application then say in the spring when plants are just starting to bud.

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The yard photo below speaks volumes regarding proper mosquito control. The photo is taken at dusk, when the temperature drops and mosquitoes come out of hiding to feed. This is the point where untreated yards will have people running inside.  Yes this yard photo is from a client. 

Mosquito misting control

Same yard, later in the evening.  It's mosquito dinner time for untreated yards.

Mosquito misting systems

Bottom line mosquito control has evolved beyond homeowner DIY products, where professional licensed services can provide relief from the bite.

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