How much does Mosquito Control Cost?




A mosquito control service for a typical residential property can cost around $550.00 for a season of spraying with shorter times frames averaging around $70.00 for a three week application.   A mosquito event spray for a party can cost $100.00 to $150.00.  Most all residential mosquito control services  will be based on the length of service and size of your yard.  

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Is residential mosquito control effective? 


Residential mosquito control uses EPA approved compounds that are proven to be effective in inhibiting the mosquito population.


How long does mosquito treatment last?  Each treatment lasts about 21 days, at which time we will revisit your property again.


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 Who doesn't want to be outside in nice weather? 

residential mosquito control costs


Aside from cool weather, mosquitoes are the number one reason people go indoors in the summer.   Wouldn't you enjoy being able to spend more time outside and utilize you patio, deck or yard more?


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