In-Situ Chemical Injections


Cost effective in-situ chemical remedial  technologies have proven to be an effective approach to treat organic contaminants including high concentration source area in both the saturated and vadose (located above the water table) zones.  The key point in considering a chemical remediation approach is the geologic factors at the site that would allow for the dispersement of the remediation compounds.    Chemical oxidation will remediate contaminants as long as the geology of the site will allow the chemicals to migrate to the areas of contamination.  Not all sites have the subsurface conditions that will allow the chemicals to move where they are needed.   Pilot studies where injections are performed to gauge the receptiveness of the formation can help gauge how effective chemical injections will be. 

Curren utilizes portable pump units, that are capable of providing up to 1500 p.s.i. of force with pump rates up to 20 gallons per minute so that a geologic formation can be gauged on the abolity to accept remedial compounds.    The pump unit are portbale and powered  by ATV units that allow access to most all site conditions.

 chemical remediationIn situ remediation

 Curren owns and operates hydraulic drilling unit and portable injection pumps for chemical remediation of contamination.  We supply support services for environmental consultants and contaminated property owners for the chemical remediation of both soil and groundwater.

By owning all our own equipment, from mixing tanks, injection pumps and drilling equipment we provide turn key cost effective remedial services.