Do Mosquito Control Services Work?

20 years ago no, but today yes, mosquito control services do work. 

The ability to safely, economically and effectively control mosquitoes has advanced greatly in the past 20 years.  Mosquito control has left behind the use of dangerous chemicals such as DDT. Today's services offer safe mosquito control options that allow no more chemicals on your person to ward off mosquitoes.  Remember getting sprayed with chemicals as a kid, ever wonder if the claims of skin so soft were ever accurate regarding mosquitoes?

do mosquito control services work

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Basic mosquito control involves controlling mosquito breeding grounds on your property (being diligent about removing standing water).  Our service will photo document where a owner may be lax in doing this on a property.

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Next you have to control existing adult mosquitoes that are present and control the future population of mosquitos.  This is what mosquito control services provide such as Mosquito Remediation.   We apply a barrier spray around your yard where mosquitoes will live and where they will feed (all mosquitoes feed off foliage for sugar).   The treatment uses ultra low dose EPA approved compounds (there are also all natural options) that will have an immediate knockdown of adult mosquitoes.  The treatment is bound to surfaces a surfactant (soap) which allows maximum coverage and staying power.  The soap allows the treatment to be rain fast (can you ever get soap off your hands by just putting them under running water?).   The ability to cling to applied surfaces is mixed with residual components that can last up to 3 weeks. 

How do we know mosquito control works?

  • We worked at perfecting the service for several years until it was ready for prime time.

  • We use EPA Integrated Pest Management protocols.

  • We work as a team, if we see a mosquito breeding area in your yard, we dump the water.  We photograph it for you, because you need to continue to empty standing water or fix it (Put the bucket in your garage).
  • We treat our own yards, including family and friend.   Trust me if our families didn't think it worked, we would know.  Family is just great.😋
  • Proof is in the pudding.   We have been doing mosquito control for years, I mean thousands upon thousands of treatments and once a client always a client.  Nobody who uses our service tells us they like mosquitoes.
  • If you are reading this it means you have a mosquito problem and you can benefit from a mosquito control program and you don't ant to dress like this to go outside.

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