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As one of the oldest and most trusted mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation and mold removal experts in New Jersey & Pennsylvania, we're affordable and offer practical, proven solutions to your mold problems. We're certified remediators, New Jersey & Pennsylvania licensed, and fully insured mold removal specialists. We provide mold remediation services to both residential and commercial sites.

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Mold Inspections

Not all mold is dangerous and mold can affect people differently. Mold will always be present in any room at any given time. The US EPA does not recommend testing an area for mold when it is obvious that mold is present. Health concerns are very important with mold and when mold is not obvious, mold testing is an important first step in determining both the severity of your problem and the protocol for the mold remediation process. Our inspectors have experience finding and assessing for hidden mold.

Mold inspections

Our trained mold inspectors will take the time to explain to you the mold remedial steps and what is necessary for a successful mold remediation project. Our objective is to ensure that both the physical contamination as well as the air quality in your home or business will be back to normal when the mold removal process is complete.

                                           Mold Remediation

Successful mold remediation is a multi step process.  In the absence of government mold regulations (Only 11 states actually have mold regulations) Curren strictly follows all EPA and industry guidelines for mold remediation (Mold remediation closely follows asbestos abatement guidelines). Mold remediation is not a DIY project and actually is a multi step process. Mold remediation requires specialized equipment (hepa vacuums, air scrubbers, negative air machines, foggers, proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and containment procedures must be followed to prevent the contamination from spreading to unaffected areas.


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Attempting to perform mold remediation on your own or having a general contractor (Chuck in a truck) attempt usually ends up being unsuccessful. Untrained contractors who attempt mold remediation can spread the contaminants airborne creating an even larger problem.

How do you choose a qualified mold testing and mold remediation company?

Stay away from home based mold companies. We find that many firms that perform mold services from their home are less than qualified in mold assessment and remediation. Mold remediation is labor and equipment intensive and you can't successfully perform mold remediation without a trained crew of professionals. Truth be told many firms we find do less than stellar work when it comes to mold. Since Pennsylvania and New Jersey don't have mold regulations, many people profess to be qualified, but really are not mold professionals. Just google the address to find out if the business is a home or commercial address.


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Stay away from companies that begin with the letter A. Yes that statement sounds really general, but back in the day many firms created a bossiness with a letter early in the alphabet, as lists were alphabetical so the letter A would come up first. To this day we see firms doing environmental work that follow that strategy and these are the firms we get called to come in after as their work was sub par.

Lastly, keep an eye out for new companies. Reviewing the registration date for a web site will tell you when the company registered the domain name, new firms have a shorter track record. Generally speaking if your dealing with a firm that has been in business for 10 to 20 plus years, if they were terrible they probably wouldn't still be in business.


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