Geoprobe® - Model 5410

The Geoprobe® Model 5410 probing machine has double the structural strength as its predecessor, the Model 5400, but weighs the same and accordingly is mounted on a similar sized carrier vehicle. The unit has an electronic depth indicator which tracks the depth of your sampling tool on a digital read out on the main control panel. Faster probing, a stronger foot, and added safety features are all included in the new design elements of this machine.

Geoprobe soil sampling

Model 5410 Features

  • 54-inch (1372 mm) stroke
  • 54-inch (1372 mm) stroke
  • Electronic Depth Indicator
  • Two-speed Pull Cylinder... standard equipment
  • 28,900-pound (128 kN) pulling capacity
  • Rod Grip Pull Block
  • Equipped with GH42 Soil Probing Hammer.
  • Hydraulic lateral movement for offset placement of probe holes
  • The unit is Hydraulically-powered from the vehicle engine
  • The unit's tooling is compatible with most Geoprobe® Brand Tooling and
  • Logging equipment

Curren supplies each carrier vehicle with a depth to water meter and peristaltic pump as standard field equipment. An oil interface probe, AquaCheck Four Way Meter and MiniRea Photoionization Detector (PID) can be included upon request.

Phase II cost

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