How Can You Control Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are part of our ecosystem, you will never get rid of mosquitoes 100% but you can dramatically reduce the mosquito population in and around your yard by following an integrated pest management program.

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What can you do to get rid of mosquitoes?  All mosquitoes need water to complete the lifecycle to adult mosquito, so managing water will help reduce populations.

  1. Clean gutters of debris so that that do not retain water.  Also make sure gutters are level with slope so water drains.
  2. Drill holes in recycling buckets and containers so that they do not hold water.  Rule: any container left outdoors should have holes to allow water to escape.
  3. Any container that is in your yard that will encounter and hold rainwater should be moved inside. These include 5 gallon buckets, flower pots, kid’s toys, and tires, EVERYTHING that holds water.
  4. Low areas in your yard that can hold water for several days, add soil to these areas.   Inspect your yard after a rain storm and address these low  areas.
  5. Tarps that cover things including furniture and BBQ grills must be kept tight. Tarp require constant inspections. Over 60 mosquito species are known to occur in New Jersey and virtually every conceivable water source fulfills the larval habitat requirement of at least one species.
  6. Place lids on trash cans.
  7. Overturn wheelbarrows.
  8. Place all unused flower pots indoors or in the trash, these are huge sources of mosquitoes.

If you have done items 1 through 7 and you still have mosquitoes you either didn’t do a perfect job (remember a bottle cap can hold enough water to breed mosquitos) or you have sources outside your control (read neighbors).  In either case, you need a company such as Curren Environmental to apply a barrier spray to reduce the population.


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Effective Mosquito Control with Curren Environmental:

  1. A Certified Pesticide Technician will apply the barrier spray around the perimeter of the yard.
  2. Precise application are applied based on your specific conditions.
  3. Target areas include both mosquito landing areas and  mosquitoes feeding locations:
    • Shrubs
    • Foliage covered areas
    • Beneath decks & Porches
    • Under sheds
    • Landscaped and hardscaped patios
    • Around outdoor pool houses and pool equipment
    • Gazebos
  4. Curren’s spray is two fold, you can can expect an immediate knockdown of mosquitoes after application and also expect a long term reduction due to a residual microencapsulate that provide continued knockdown for approximately 21 days after application.  The barrier spray is weather fast so let it rain, our surfactant additive (think soap scum) makes it weather proof.   Kids? pets? are safe after the 30 minute dry time.  We also like to say that we spray where the sun don't shine, as that is where mosquitoes live due to their aversion of heat.
  5. After treatment you will receive a receipt of application, including including compounds used and time of yard reentry we ask that you wait 30 minutes to go outside this allows the barrier spray to dry.
  6. You will be automatically scheduled for the next application (21 day interval).


Things to you need know about the Mosquito Application.

  1. Curren’s barrier spray is designed to last approximately 21 days.  It has been tested and proven effective.  We cracked the code on Mosquito Control.
  2. Our spray is applied with a mild surfactant (soap) that allows the spray to adhere to foliage (think soap scum).
  3. Our spray targets mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.
  4. The spray may also kill gnats, flies, spiders, gypsy moths, ants, chiggers, American cockroaches, smokey brown cockroaches and stink bugs. (Curren does not specifically pursue these insects and remediation of these insects is not included.)
  5. Our spray is toxic to fish so if your yard has a water feature that includes fish, we must be notified prior to site mobilization.
  6. Our spray is nontoxic to humans, household pets, and birds.
  7. Dogs are very susceptible to heartworm, which is spread by mosquitoes, so while you are protecting your family you are also helping your pets.


Mosquito Control Packages

  1. Event Spray (such as Weddings, Graduation Parties and/or Birthday Parties)backyard wedding.jpg
  2. Seasonal Spray Package (Most Popular & Effective) which is a continual spray for the Mosquito season from April to October. (three week interval). Multiple aplications allows you to disrupt the life cycle of the mosquito and is the most effective in reducing the population of mosquitoes.


Seasonal Mosquito Control Package

  1. Curren will place you on a schedule, and the barrier spray will be applied once every three (3) weeks.
  2. Curren will provide a notification schedule as well  with the date of application.
  3. Curren does not need any access to the interior of your home so no one needs to be home on the day of the mosquito application.
  4. You will be notified post application that the service has been performed.
  5. Enjoy your yard, 30 minutes after application.