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Mosquito Control


Mosquito control is important to your health and enjoyment of the outdoors. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and a health threat (mosquitoes are a known vector of disease).  Mosquito control allows you to reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

Fact: The female mosquito is the only one that bites.  Males don't bite, Go Figure.  Female mosquitoes need blood  blood meals to lay eggs, each person she extracts blood from increases the probability that a mosquito borne virus can be transferred to the next victim.


What is Mosquito Control?


Mosquito control removes mosquitoes from your yard and prevents mosquitoes from coming back.  


Our service is so effective our renewal rate is nearly 100%.


No matter how you spell it, mosquitoes bite and we can help. 

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Is mosquito Control Safe?
We use water, surfactants and compounds that are EPA approved and are environmental, pet and kid friendly.
Our team utilizes our mosquito control service for their yards and we do their neighbors yards as well.  Pretty solid testimonials.




How is Mosquito Control Performed?


We apply a  proprietary barrier spray to a property.  We apply the barrier to locations where mosquitoes are known to feed and rest.  The environmentally, kid and pet friend barrier immediately knocks down the mosquito population and has a residual affect that can go for 21 days of post application protection.


Mosquito Barrier Spray


Mosquito Remediation



  • Proven Effectiveness, Based on Science
  • Nearly 100% Renewal rate from prior Customers.
  • Current customers refer 80% of our new business, meaning clients are happy with the service that much.

  • EPA Approved compounds that are Environmentally, kid and pet friendly

  • Ticks and Fleas are included, there is no "add-on" pricing.

Mosquito Remediation will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your backyard!! Mosquitoes can take the fun out of outdoor activities.   Don't allow mosquitoes to ruin outdoor events with family and friends!


Mosquito Control Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How long does an application last?

A barrier spray will provide an immediate (same day) knockdown of mosquitoes and will continue working for approximately 3 weeks.

2.     My town/county sprays, why do I need a mosquito control service? 

The application of a mosquito fog by government agencies is performed to kill adult mosquitoes in the area of  the fog.  It does not drop the mosquito population in your yard.

3.     Do you spray the lawn where my dog and kids play?

We do not spray lawns as they are not a habitat for mosquitoes.  Maintained lawns provide no refuge for mosquitoes from the sun and heat of the day, in short they would dehydrate if they lived in the grass, hence we do not treat grass.

4.    How effective is your service?

Very effective our renewal rate is nearly 100%.  We start getting calls from customers to start the service each year.  Our licensed professional inspect your yard and if we spot mosquito breeding grounds you will be notified, expect expert advice from the mosquito professional.


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5 Mosquito Control Service Facts


  1. If our mosquito remediation technician observe breeding grounds on your property you will be notified.  
  2. Our service is proven effective (We have over 20 years remediation experience) and you can expect an immediate and long term reduction in mosquito population with our service.
  3. Our application will help break the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes in a given area.  
  4. There is no way to prevent every mosquito from coming into your yard, as mosquitoes can have a fly range of ½ a mile and some species can travel several miles, but our micro encapsulated formula provides residual control for up to 3 weeks post application to handle these unwanted visitors.
  5. All you could possibly want to know about mosquitoes can be found in Curren’s  Mosquito FAQ.  and Mosquito Myths




Mosquito Control Questions


 "What if I'm the only house utilizing mosquito control?

 Will your service still be effective?


1000% YES. Mosquito control can work in a single yard as it will knock down the immediate mosquito population and reduce the population of mosquitoes that may enter your yard from a neighbor.   You need a male and female mosquito to reproduce (yes - kind of like the birds and the bees).  Our barrier spray targets both male and females, reducing the immediate head count of mosquitoes as well as eliminating potential future mating, hey it takes two to tango.


Client Testimonial 


We used Curren Environmental for their mosquito services after seeing several of their yards signs throughout our neighborhood and hearing the positive feedback from those neighbors.

We use our backyard patio a lot in the summer, and we have quite a bit of landscaping (as well as neighbors with what could be best described as "problem areas" for bugs). So we have a pretty solid breeding ground for mosquitoes and other flying bugs.

The past few summers have become unbearable on most nights, and we figured that, worst case, this type of service would cut back on the mosquitoes and maybe make it more livable on the patio.

We can honestly say, that this was one of the best decisions we made, and the results were INSTANT. After the first spray, the mosquitoes were GONE from the backyard, and it stayed that way right up to the next spraying. We have the disadvantage of having untreated properties around us, but that has so far, not been a factor (other than an occasional "stray" wandering through).

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