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Unmasking Health Mysteries: Beyond Indoor Mold?

Mar 6, 2024 1:42:00 PM / by Tiffany Byrne

Are you having health issues, such as being sleepy, irritable, angry, tired, achy, or even joint pain? There is a possibility that it could be airborne mold spores that are making you feel ill, but what if it’s not airborne mold spores?

Curren Environmental fields many calls where the client hasn’t been feeling well has several health symptoms, and has not had any findings as to what is causing these symptoms. Google is a great resource and people find that they may have health issues due to mold growth. People then hire a mold inspector to visually inspect the home and provide air samples of some sort. Air sampling is when a machine is used to capture air in a small capsule, which is sent to the laboratory to look for mold spores. Every house will have some sort of airborne mold spores, no home is completely mold-free.

Photo Feb 09 2024, 10 26 22 AMOnce the inspection is complete, you should receive a report detailing what was done during the mold inspection and the interpretation of the lab data. Curren finds many inspectors leave out the interpretation of the lab data, which is pertinent information for the homeowner.

Per the mold inspection report, and the lab data, no visual mold is present and the airborne mold spore lab data shows airborne mold spores below industry standards and complying with typical indoor airborne mold spores – what do you do next?

Some homes accrue large amounts of dust. What is dust? Dust in homes is composed of about 20–50% dead skin cells. So most of the dust is from you, your family, and the animals that share your home with you. If the dust is not cleaned, it can lead to insect growth and a larger problem, health issues. Curren recommends periodically cleaning the interior of your home when mold is not present but dust and dirt are, dust can cause allergies and health issues as well. The CDC says “Maintaining safe cleaning habits helps remove most germs, such as harmful viruses or bacteria, on household surfaces”.

If you have health problems and have exhausted your investigations, it might be time for a deep cleaning.

Tiffany Byrne

Written by Tiffany Byrne

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