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Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control

May 15, 2020 1:00:00 PM / by david sulock

                                          Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control
Mosquitoes are both a nuisance and a health threat. If you do not want to be bitten by mosquitoes in your backyard, you must reduce the mosquito population.

  • Mosquito control for your yard
    All mosquitoes need water to breed and survive. DIY Mosquito Control can be performed by eliminating breeding sources such as the following:
    • stagnant water
    • water trapped on tarps
    • old tires
    • tree potsMosquito control
    • puddles
    • clogged gutters
    • buckets and flower pots









Mosquito Remediation can help eliminate the nuisance of mosquitoes and protect your family. Our professional applicators will walk around your home and throughout your backyard to address your specific problem. We are trained to identify the unique areas of risk around your property. Adult mosquitoes are found resting in vegetation or other cool shaded places (under decks, sheds) during the day time. To get rid of adult mosquitoes we spray the lower portion of foliage, bushes, tall ornamental grasses and shrubs with a microencapsulated ultra low volume , insecticide that will prove an immediate knockdown of mosquitoes and with micro encapsulated technology provide a 21 day residual. Our barrier application as we call it (this shields you from mosquitoes) is safe and effective as we only treat areas mosquitoes are likely to feed and reproduce as well as hide from the heat of the day. We often call under decks and sheds mosquito condos.

Enjoy your yard without mosquitoes.
We recommend a treatment every 21 days to ensure effectiveness. Our dedicated software will remind you in advance of your next application, provide electronic notification the moment it is completed and if we find problem areas in your yard you will receive photos via email or text of the concern. Once you sign up you can literally sit back and enjoy your yard. Our schedule is automatic, no one needs to be home. We only ask to allow 30 minutes post treatment for the barrier to fully dry before returning to the yard.


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mosquito control for your yard



david sulock

Written by david sulock

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