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How 'Clean' Are Your Cleaning Supplies?

Aug 10, 2023 1:04:18 PM / by Julia Sulock

chemical in cleaning supplies have adverse effects on our planet

Curren Environmental’s mission of improving the environment has led our team to explore a variety of ways in which we can each mitigate the daily harm our environment faces. One area that is both majorly impactful and easily improved is the eco-friendliness of our cleaning supplies. Often what people may not realize is that in the process of cleaning our homes, we may be simultaneously polluting our planet.

Many cleaning supplies are composed of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the health of our planet as well as to human health. In order to make your kitchen counter sparkle, for example, you may be unleashing carcinogens and other toxins that then contaminate your indoor air. The contamination does not end there, as cleaning products like laundry and dishwasher detergent can then go on to pollute our bodies of water. The simple act of cleaning one’s home can be made far more complicated when one considers what ingredients, or chemicals, they are introducing to themselves and to those around them. We must not only think of ourselves but our children, pets, and house guests who have no idea what unsafe cleaning products they may be encountering. And beyond that, the most vulnerable victim of all, our planet.

Cleaning supplies have harsh chemicals

With that information at your disposal, we hope you now see the value in eco-conscious cleaning practices. However, awareness is only half of the battle, as the remainder lies in actually implementing these changes. You may be left questioning where to start in this transition, or how to find products that are both eco-friendly and highly effective. Luckily, the US EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, has developed a helpful program centered around this subject, entitled Safer Choice.

Safer Choice is a program with the intention of reducing, eliminating, or preventing pollution at its source. Safer Choice is a label that the EPA created to help consumers locate products with safer ingredient lists that also perform well in cleaning. On their site, they detail how EPA scientists evaluate every product labeled ‘Safer Choice’ to ensure their ingredients meet their strict safety criteria for both human and environmental health. They are evaluated for such things as carcinogenicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity, toxicity to aquatic life, and more.

The Safer Choice label can now be found on a wide array of products ranging from bathroom cleaners to pet care products. Searching for the label while shopping in store or online is one way in which consumers can utilize this program. Consumers may also quickly search a product or company name using the Safer Choice search engine on the EPA’s website.

The Safer Choice label indicates that the product contains ingredients that are safer to people and to the planet

Next time you’re planning to restock your cleaning supply collection, we urge you to consider the information we have presented today. Don’t compromise on your health and safety by sticking to familiar products with harmful ingredients. Take the time to find products that will be kinder to both your family and the environment, and rest assured that the health of all will greatly benefit.

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Julia Sulock

Written by Julia Sulock

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