Earth Day Friendly Things to Do

No one wants to do bad by the environment, and sometimes doing good things for the environment is hard.  Here are easy ways to help the environment for Earth Day and Every day.

  1. Go a day without drinking bottled water.

  2. Buy and use a refillable water bottle, just so you can keep promise number 

  3. Always keep a receptacle by your desk (Home or Office) to place non-trash items.

  4. Rather than drive around for the closet parking spot, park farther away where the spots are plentiful. Face it, you can use the exercise and less driving is less fuel consumed.

  5. Half a cup of water on your counter? Pour it in a houseplant.

  6. Buy fragrance free cleaning supplies, those fresh scents are chemicals.  Less chemical means cleaner air inside your home.

  7. Buy small reusable water bottles for your kids and stop buying juice boxes.

  8. Use a quality doormat and place them at every entrance to your home.  Doormats capture dirt, particulate and contaminants prior to entry to your home.  All that fertilizer on your lawn and on your shoes from the golf course will now stay outside.

  9. Start a compost pile for grass and leaves, the decomposition of both items will give you nutrient rich soil for next season