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September 2017, have been using the service since April.  Really had no trouble with mosquitoes all season.  (disclaimer had graduation party in June, 60+ people came, there were a few bites I am told, but I was alos told that with that many people I would pull mosquitoes from neighboring yards.  Kind of like an icream truck draws kids.)   Aside from that event all clear.  My service goes to October and I felt pretty confident that mosquitoes were gone by September, given I was not being bitten at home.  Went to a kids birthday party on Saturday 3 to 5 pm and I was lunch for the mosquitoes.  I was not the only one and it was maybe 20 people tops, hot sunny day.    I am a believer and referer for your service I got three neighbors to sign up as they were in my yard and couldny believe the difference in mosquitoes compared to theirs.



FYI.  I had 12 boys watch the NBA finals outside and also sleep outside last night.  My son Nate said there was no bugs!!!  He's my bug guy--he would have let me know if there was a problem.   It works!


Haddon Heights

 I have to say wow, great service and I got you a new customer..  Quick background, started your service in May, really saw no biting, I figured the service worked, but I also figured it was not a bad year for mosquitoes.  Went to a graduation party in town last weekend.  Nice event, tent catered food and the down side an amazon amount of mosquitoes.  People were getting bitten left and right.  It was a warm night so people were in shorts and dresses, not manyy pants.  This is a house in my town, not on a lake or a swamp.  It was so bad, people had to move inside.  Now you had this house packed to capacity, tent and tables outside abandoned.  You had to laugh people left the safety of the house to get food and booze outside and you watched them swat mosquitoes.  
Hosts were both annoyed and embarrased, I emiled them your info.
My wife hired the service and didn't tell me.  I was wondering why I was not eaten alive.  She eventually told me, I also have to say the bill which was cheaper than I thought.   I'm telling all my friends as I don't want to be the only one entertaining outside!
Tim B
Medford Lakes
I get eaten alive on my legs as does my daughter.  I started the service in early May, it is worker better than I thought, I have had no bites.  If you get bothered by mosquitoes, the service is worth it.
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We recently utilized Curren for their Mosquito Remediation Service.  Our yard has been a notorious breeding ground for mosquitoes and the standard OTC products weren't getting it done. We have used Curren in the past for their environmental services (also 5 star), and trusted that they wouldn't be offering if it didn't work.They had their team out quickly and treated our entire property.  They were fast and non-intrusive. Immediate difference, and I would recommend their Mosquito Remediation Service to anyone.


Chris B

Haddon Heights, NJ

OMG, I can go outside and hangout in my backyard and not get bitten by mosquitoes and its not January.  Really happy.

 Karen T.

Marlton,  NJ


I was doubtful it would work.  I tried fans, garlic spray, flowers,citronella candles and someone would always getting bit.  It has been almost a week, they sprayed Friday and nothing.  My youngest child is loved by mosquitoes and she has been bug free since.  She asked why we didnt do it before, I didn't know about the service until a neighbor told me so I am writing this review which I don't normally do.


Haddonfield, NJ


Thank you, what you are doing is working, we started to get bites in April, you started our treatment the friday before we had  backyard party.  I am pretty sure no one got bitten.  My immediate neighbors signedup as well.  There is a streak of your signs down our street as my neighbors signedup, which must help everybody.

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Haddon Heights





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