Environmental Issues Involving Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Services


Curren Environmental, Inc. can assist banks, property owners, renters and real estate brokers with the management of environmental issues pertaining to commercial real estate.   Development and acquisition of commercial properties begins with a Phase I Site Assessment and can lead to Phase II testing or Phase III remedial approaches, but involvement with commercial properties can encompass a broader realm of issues.   Contamination can be found from current tenant use of the property, tenants can leave residual waste after vacating properties, and building areas can requiring industrial cleaning of spaces such as floors, pits and sumps to name just a few.  Curren has over twenty years experience managing commercial real estate environmental issues.   Our services offered are as follows: 


Commercial Real Estate Transactions


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments ASTM

Phase II Site Assessments (Testing of soil, groundwater, vapor and materials)

Phase III Remedial Alternatives 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys


Consulting Services


Environmental Permitting

Asbestos Surveys

Mold Surveys, Testing and Species Identification

Waste Management Program Design

Report review for compliance with applicable standards.

Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Services


Vapor Intrusion (VI) Investigations


Vapor Intrusion Surveys

Sub Slab and Indoor Air

Vapor Mitigation – Remediation – Vapor Barriers


Recycling Services


Waste Management Program Design

Waste Minimization

Electronic Recycling (E recycling)

Waste Consolidation, Packaging and Disposition



Environmental Contracting

Underground Storage Tank Testing

Underground Storage Tank Cleaning & Removal

Building Decontamination & Clean Out

Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Oil Water Separator Cleaning

Pit Cleaning

Hydro Blasting, Power washing

Industrial Floor Coatings.


At Curren we understand that the environmental industry is a service industry, to which we strive to excel.   Our team works with clients to outline and achieve project objectives.  The heart of our company is professionals in their field that are driven to achieve results.   Time over time we have proven our commitment, knowledge and professionalism that can deliver innovative results for our clients. You experience commitment to service excellence every day in our approach, implementation of services and or commitment to our clients.  Solutions to your issues are a phone call away.  To speak to an environmental professional call 888-301-1050.